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Mitt Romney Astrology Predictions
The Republican Primary race is far from over. All of the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination said they will carry on after Super Tuesday, meaning the campaign will continue to crawl along with none of the four expected to be able to claim victory any time soon. I wanted to write an astrology article on Republican Primary race for long time, but couldn’t as I was unable to find the accurate birth times of all Republican candidates. But after exhaustive search on internet I was able to find the birth time of the front-runner Mitt Romney. Most astrologers are using Mitt Romney’s birth time as 9:51 AM. But after applying birth time rectification techniques I came to the conclusion that the correct birth time is 10:00 AM. Through this article I am primarily going to focus on the astrology chart of front-runner Mitt Romney, and his prospects in the Republican Primary race and the 2012 Presidential elections. I do not know the correct birth times of other Republican candidates, and I do not make astrology predictions if the correct birth time of the candidate is not known.
             Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947, 10: AM, Detroit Michigan) is a Taurus rising sign with the ascendant degree at 10 degrees 34 minutes in Taurus. The Ascendant lord Venus is right on the 10th house (career) cusp (using placidus house system) in Capricorn sign in the nakshatra of 4th house (real estate) lord Moon, and Venus is also strongly aspected by the 10th and 11th house lord Saturn. Venus and Saturn are the two powerful planets in the Mitt Romney’s astrology chart. Mitt Romney was in Venus mahadasha Saturn Bhukti from Feb 2001 to April 2004. This period attributes his success with the 2002 Olympic Games, and also during this period Romney was sworn in as the 70th governor of Massachusetts on January 2, 2003. Venus mahadasha from April 1988 to April 2008 was one of the best periods in Romney’s life. At present Mitt Romney is in Sun mahadasha from April 2008 to April 2014. Since Romney’s ascendant lies in the beginning of the Taurus sign at 10 degrees 34 minutes, so the 12th house cusp stays in Pisces at 23 degrees 28 minutes, the 8th house cusp at 3 degrees 58 minutes and the 9th house (Badhaka) house cusp at 24 degrees 06 minutes also stays in Jupiter sign Sagittarius. This makes Jupiter the ruler of all evil houses in the astrology chart. Sun rules 5th house and is placed in the 11th house of gains but is in the nakshatra of evil Jupiter. Jupiter is the most evil planet in Mitt Romney’s chart as it rules all evils houses such as 8th house, 9th house (badhaka house for Taurus ascendant) and 12th house of losses. The current mahadasha of Sun is not a very good period for Mitt Romney, and that is why Mitt Romney is finding it hard to close the deal during Republican Primary Race. Mitt Romney is going to lose big money during this period, and go through lot of frustration and struggle. Saturn the lord of 10th house of career and 11th house of gains has always given excellent results to Mitt Romney. The Saturn bhukti came under Sun mahadasha from Feb 2011 to Feb 2012 was a good period as Saturn was helping Mitt Romney. During this time Mitt Romney announced his campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination. Saturn was doing very well during past 4 months as it was directly opposite transit Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter during this time also aspected the transit Mars, the 7th house lord in Mitt Romney’s astrology chart. But now the sub period of powerful 10th house lord Saturn is over, and also Saturn is retrograde and moving away from Jupiter’s benefic aspect. At present Mitt Romney is in Sun mahadasha and Mercury Bhukti until December 2012. Both Sun and Mercury are in the constellation of evil Jupiter, the ruler of all evil houses 8th house, badhaka house, and 12th house of losses in Mitt Romney’s astrology chart. When the mahadasha and Bhukti planets in the astrology chart have a strong connection with the evil houses such as 8th house, badhaka house and 12th house they cannot give victory in elections. The time for Mitt Romney looks difficult during last two weeks of May, and first week of June this year as Mercury, Sun, Venus will be with Ketu in Taurus sign and opposite Rahu. Ketu will be right on the ascendant degree in Taurus is a very difficult transit. In June /July Ketu will be right on the ascendant degree does not look good. Also Saturn and Mars conjunction in Mid August does not look very good for Mitt Romney. These are also the periods when the Mitt Romney’s campaign may be in trouble, and there is a possibility that some other Republican Candidate can defeat him. It is better for Mitt Romney if he can close the deal and win the Republican Primary Race by May 15th this year, because the road between May 20th and August 27th, when the GOP convention starts is a difficult one for Mitt Romney. I do not know the accurate birth times of the other Republican Candidates in the Republican Primary Race, so I cannot make any precise predictions about them. But it seems like that the other Republican Candidates in the Republican Primary Race also may be going through weaker mahadashas and bhuktis than Mitt Romney as they also find it difficult to defeat him. In my opinion unfortunately for Republican Party they do not have a candidate in the current Republican Primary Race who can defeat President Obama in the November elections.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
March 9, 2012

First debate was won by Romney as his mahadasha lord Sun was transiting in Virgo sign and received benefic aspect from transit Jupiter in Taurus. This is a good time for Romney. But things will change before next the two debates, as Sun will enter Libra sign on Oct 15th, and will collide with evil Saturn. So Romney will not be able to do well in the next two debates as mahadasha lord Sun will be conjunct Saturn in Libra. In President Obama’s case his 7th house lord Moon which represents the people of United States who are going to vote in the Presidential elections, was afflicted with Ketu in Taurus sign by transit. So his performance in the first debate was not good, and his approval ratings went down. But Obama will do very well in the next two debates. President Obama’s performance in third debate on Oct 22nd will be his best performance when he will be able to seal the deal with the American people because Moon on that day will be in Capricorn and it will receive 9th aspect from the transit Jupiter in Taurus.
Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
Oct 8, 2012

Mitt Romney is now going through a difficult time according to his Vedic Chart, as his Mahadasha lord Sun has entered its debilitated sign Libra on Oct 15th and stays in its weak sign until November 15th. Transit Sun is badly afflicted by its conjunction with evil Saturn in Libra at this time attributes to the fact that Romney could not do well in the last two debates, as predicted by me on Oct 8th. The Bhukti period lord Mercury in Romney’s chart will join Rahu in the next couple of days, is not good at all. Mercury will go retrograde on the day of the election November 6th evening around 6 PM Eastern Time, when the election results will be declared. Moon will be transiting Mercury’s nakshatra Aslesha in Cancer sign at the same time. This makes Mercury very negative on the day of the election November 6th evening. The retrograde Mercury will be bad for Mitt Romney on November 6th evening, but not for Barack Obama, because Mitt Romney is in Mercury sub period (Bhukti), and Barack Obama is not in Mercury period or sub period. President Obama is in strong exalted Saturn main period / Saturn Sub period / Saturn sub sub period should give him victory, and the 2nd term as the President of the United States
.Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
Oct 24, 2012

Mercury goes retrograde this evening at 6 PM EST is not good for Romney. Mercury retrograde can create some delay or problems with the election results. Next week looks very negative for Romney. There is a Solar eclipse next week on Nov 13/14. Obama's planets are more stable and consistent. This time Obama will be lucky if there is any dispute or problems with the election results.
Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
November 6, 2012

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