Vedic Astrology Articles II

Most Astrologers are of the opinion that while the Saturn is moving through the 12th, 1st, 2nd houses to Moon's
position in the Rasi chart, is considered 7.5 years of Sani (Sadh Sati). It is believed loss of money, loss in business,
change of place, sickness, worries in family, and various bad events occur during this period. But in reality during this
period the native sometimes gets very good results in business, family, earning money, and in various other aspects of
their life. Sadh Sati is an excuse for the astrologer with half baked knowledge to explain the never ending difficulties
and worries of native. It is a meaningless Slogan. See whether Saturn is a significator of 8, 12, Badhaka or 2, 6, 10,
nakshatras of the significators of 8, 12, BADHAKA houses THEN THE NATIVE EXPERIENCES BAD
RESULTS. BUT IF SATURN IS TRANSITING nakshatras of the significators of 2, 6, 10, 11 houses THEN THE
NATIVE EXPERIENCES EXCELLENT RESULTS even during the so called SADH SATI.  How many people
after waiting for a number of years get married during Sade Sati. How many get into service only during Sade Sati.
How many bring forth children. Also how many gain money by lottery, races, speculation, prize bonds etc. The
astrologer, who attributes any loss only to 7.5 years of Saturn Sadh Sati has no experience, and has not yet gained
sufficient knowledge. Hence, one is to follow the stellar system; analyze by taking the 7th house as that of the
competitor or opponent. Then alone correct results can be had.

One is fortunate if majority of planets are posited in the constellations of the occupants or owners of the houses 2, 6,
10 or 11. Also the mutual aspects should be harmonious. These planets may be debilitated or may be in enemy’s
house. Still one’s status will improve in their periods and sub periods. Most astrologers are of the opinion that strong
planets will offer invariably advantageous results, where as those who are debilitated will do harm. In practice, it is
found to be ABSURD. Are there not people born in Cancer Ascendant having Jupiter exalted in the ascendant
suffered during Jupiter Dasa? Are there not people born in Aries having exalted Saturn in 7 met with only difficulties,
disgrace and disappointment? Therefore the nature of the result need not be desirable simply because a planet is
strong. There is nothing as exaltation becoming auspicious and debilitation inauspicious. A debilitated planet in the
constellation of an exalted planet is considered better than an exalted planet in the constellation of a debilitated
planet. When a planet establishes a set of results by its stellar level, to offer adverse results, by its having the
ownership and being in exaltation, can not take away the adverse result meant to punish, and never-ever it can offer
any favorable results. The planet when set to offer adverse results, having the ownership and exaltation status the
planet will hasten or activate the adverse results to be offered, but will never give a contrary result against the stellar
level results set by itself. In the same way, Planets in debilitation, having a set of results to be offered at the stellar
level to offer advantageous results, will act in slow speed, but will never alter and give contrary results-that is
disadvantageous results. Ownership exaltation or debilitation of Planets are generally known responsible to indicate
the strength or weakness of a human body constitution from head to foot, but does not take the responsibility to alter
the results to be offered, say good to bad or bad to good. When a planet is in the exact degree of debilitation, and if a
child is born, the part of the body related to the planet, causes weakness, less strength, or not proportionate and so
on. This is due to the planet is debilitated, the cosmic rays from the stars on that planet and in turn reaching the earth
is so less, it deprives the required oxygen to that part of the body. Similarly, when a planet is in the exact degree of
exaltation and if a child is born, the part of the body related to the planet is strong, proportionate and so on.To say of
exaltation, ownership or debilitation, simply on the entering of a Rasi (sign) is not correct, in a sign, in a particular
star, in a particular degree-minute only, as the planet moves should be reckoned for exaltation or debilitation. What is
meant by exaltation, debilitation or ownership is at certain times the planets are very bright or very dull during their
transits. A child at the time of birth receives the cosmic rays through planets, if they are debilitated the flow of
cosmic rays will be less and if they are exalted the flow of cosmic rays will be more. On account of this, the body
parts may be strong or weak. Except this, the child at its birth will enjoy or suffer as per the dictates of the 12 bhava
cusp positions and the planets strong or weak can not enhance or decrease the level of results.

It is said that the 8th house indicates receipt of gifts, legacy, money of the deceased, unearned income, insurance,
bonus, entangled money etc. Without the cooperation of 8th house and 6th house one can not win a lottery. 7th
house represents your competitors or other people who are competing with you. 8th house represents other people's
money or unearned money. 6th house is 12th to 7th house, represents loss to your competitors, and gains to you. If
the period of the planet owning and occupying the 8th house operates, will you receive unearned income or will you
loose money?If the significator of 8 is also a significator of 12, then you issue the check and the other person puts the
check in his bank. If the significator of 8 is also the significator of 6 and 11, then he looses (6) and you gain (11).
Therefore the significator of 8 and 12 shows repayment of loan or lending loan whereas the significator of 6, 8 and 11
indicates gain of money. If significator of 5 is also the significator of 6 and 11 then you gain in speculation. But if the
significator of 5 is also the significator of 8 and 12 you loose.When twins are born within few minutes interval, the
position of the planets remains the same. But how is it, either of the two has an advantageous result whereas the
other faces troubles? One lives and the other dies. One gets married early, the other late. The Traditional Vedic
Astrology system fails to explain this. This can be explained fully by the Advanced Vedic Astrology (KP system)
based on constellations and subs.