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History of Vedic Astrology and KP Astrology

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Indian Astrology or Hindu Astrology, originating 5000 years ago in India. The true meaning of Vedic Astrology is the “Message from the Stars”. The planetary positions at the time of our birth can give us clues about the strengths and weaknesses in our personality, character and temperament. By applying the principles of Vedic Astrology, one can forecast important events in our lives. A chart is made out for the moment of birth and for the particular place of birth (Latitude and Longitude being taken for calculation). From such a chart, one can read all important events about the native, their character, temperament, and peculiarities, longevity, condition of health, accident, proneness, finances, fortune, marriage / love relationships, birth of children and also his prosperity or adversity. Moreover the actual date of any occurrence in their life can be calculated. The major difference between Traditional Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology is that the Traditional Vedic Astrology uses sidereal zodiac. Western Astrology in contrast, uses what is called the tropical zodiac.
Most Vedic Astrologers in the West practice the Traditional Vedic Astrology. The Traditional Vedic Astrology was developed 5000 years ago, so most of the rules and techniques in Traditional Vedic Astrology are obsolete, outdated, and fail when put to an application in our daily practical life. Traditional Vedic Astrology is vast and detailed, needs you to memorize like a parrot, a number of so called Raj Yogas in the astrology chart, uses various divisional charts, tables other than the birth chart, thus making it more confusing. Traditional Vedic Astrology also fails in estimating the exact timing of the events. 
Vedic Astrology (KP Astrology) is an improvement over the predictive wing of Vedic Astrology. KP Astrology was developed in the last century by famous Indian Astrologer Master Late Prof KS Krishnamurti. KP System (Indian Astrology) is known for the best and most accurate predictions. KP System (Hindu Astrology) is excellent in predicting the timing of the events precisely. KP Astrology is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. KP Astrology gives importance to the Constellations / Stars / Nakshatras divisions of the Zodiac which is obviously desired for more precision. Further it divides each Constellation / Star / Nakshatra division into further 9 subdivisions called 'SUBS'. These sub divisions are not equal divisions, but are as per the Vimshottari Dashas Divisions System. The Zodiac is divided into 249 subs. 
Mr. Gurmeet Singh is a disciple of famous Indian Astrologer Master Late Prof KS Krishnamurti, the inventor of KP System branch of Vedic Astrology. Mr. Singh is one of the very few Vedic Astrologers in the West who specialize in the KP System branch of Vedic Astrology based on nakshatras and subs, which is far more precise and accurate compared to the other available astrology systems. So understand your astrology chart and destiny by scheduling a KP Astrology & Vedic Astrology reading with Mr. Singh.

Top Twelve Accurate Predictions by Mr. Singh

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Donald Trump loss in 2016 Republican IOWA Caucus

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years prison

President Barack Obama victory in 2012 Presidential Elections

Governor Mitt Romney loss in 2012 Presidential Elections

Jayalalitha Bail Denied and then Granted

ObamaCare Predictions

BP Oil Spill was fixed on the time predicted by Singh

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Relationship Compatibility astrology

relationship compatibility reading
Relationship Compatibility Astrology
Relationship Compatibility Astrology can help you understand how astrology influences our Relationships with other people, and how one can apply the divine power of Astrology to find a suitable love or a business partner. The relationship between two people could be romantic, business, extended family or friendships of varying nature. It is used to evaluate love, harmony, happiness, profit, luck etc., and to see if the relationship will work between two people. In this reading you will have the answers to your questions on certain important relationship compatibility issues such as Intimacy & Love Compatibility, cheating, separation, divorce, violent–criminal tendencies, Gay/Lesbian tendencies, longevity and health of spouse. You will also have answers to Business Compatibility questions, if you are interested in Business Compatibility for wealth generation and success in financial matters. Relationship Compatibility Reading
financial astrology
Financial, Business & Career Astrology
Knowing your Financial, Business & Career Astrology is very empowering for financial success and success in your business. You have money planets and money houses in your astrology chart, and you also have planets that cause loss of money and houses of loss. If you understand your strengths and weaknesses around your ability to attract and accumulate wealth, it can empower you to achieve financial independence. When you have financial independence, you are less moved by the external factors such as the economy or job security. In this way you can be the master of your own destiny, and not feel the victim of external economic forces beyond your control. My personal mantra is that using financial astrology as an investing and trading tool can allow one to make more money, with less risk. Shrewd business people use astrology for a successful business launch to give them an advantage. Financial Astrology
vedic medical astrology
Vedic Medical Astrology
Medical Astrology is the branch of the Astrology that deals with Health and Longevity issues. Each sign and each planet are associated with a number of possible diseases. So it may be said that the native may be affected by such disease or diseases. In my opinion the function of the astrologer ends with saying that the particular part of the body will be sensitive to acute or chronic disease. Only the medical doctor alone is competent authority to name the disease. The 6th house denotes the sickness, 8th house surgery, death, and 12th house hospitalization. Disease is indicated by 6, danger by 8, and defect by 12. If the sub lord of 12th cusp is in 6, the house of disease, and if the sub lord is in the constellation of the planet occupying or owning 6 or 8 or 12 it is definite that one will have the defect from the time when the significators conjointly operate. If the sub lord of the ascendant is in the constellation of the significator of 6 or 8 or 12 then one suffers from disease or danger or hospitalization.  vedic medical astrology

relationship compatibility astrology Book
Relationship Compatibility Astrology Book by Gurmeet Singh

vedic astrology in Los Angeles
Gurmeet Singh on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills California

Business Practice Policy

Vedic astrological consultations provided by Mr. Singh are conducted privately with the Client. Vedic Astrology is a powerful predictive science, but it is not always 100% accurate due to certain factors such as the inaccuracy of the true birth time and some proportion of human error. Mr. Singh strives for 100% accuracy in every consultation, but cannot guarantee that level of precision. The information and advice obtained from a consultation should be used as a guideline or roadmap. Each person ultimately remains fully responsible for their behavior, judgments, actions, and decision making process. The astrological information should be used concurrently with rational, logical, and intelligent decision-making processes. Clients may use the information from the astrology consultation according to their own best interests, completely at their sole discretion.

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