US 2012 Election Testimonials
us election testimonials
Dear Mr Singh,
Congratulations on your accurate predictions on the 2012 US presidential elections. I am a Canadian, who has been a keen follower of your predictions for over a year,as well as followed up the updates you provided. I am glad your predictions were spot on. Keep up the good work.

D. A.

Your best prediction has come true, and you are the first astrologer in the world who put his neck out and predicted an Obama win, without knowing his opponent congratulations. great job
M. S.

Here is a summary of my observations about your astrological predictions. I have been discussing astrology with Gurmeet Singh for over three years now and I have over the years developed a great deal of respect for him. I still remember that it was the year 2010, the US economy was showing no signs of a fast recovery and the democrats were heading into the mid-term elections with President Obama's and Congressional approval ratings at record low levels. The affordable care act (also called Obamacare) had been passed by the Congress but it took its toll on the President's popularity as well. He predicted soon after the democratic party's rout in 2010 mid-terms that President Obama would win re-election for a second term quite comfortably in 2012. He accurately predicted that the Affordable care act would not be repealed, and subsequently, the Supreme Court upheld it much to everyone's surprise! The amazing thing about Gurmeet was that even though I gave him many chances to change his predictions, he was consistent, steadfast and bold. When the Republican primaries began late in 2011, he also accurately predicted the rise of Mitt Romney, his win in the Republican Primary and his subsequent loss to President Obama in the Nov 2012 general election. Despite many ups and downs the economy and the political landscape took over the last two years, Gurmeet did not change his predictions on this and many other issues. His predictions about my life and career have also been quite accurate so far.I wish Gurmeet a long life and wish him the very best for his future.



Great election prediction! Congrats!!! Will you write an article how US does in the next two years? Will there be a successful peace negotiation?
M. N.

Hi Dr. Singh,
I have been following you for the last two years. How well you said it. I am so proud to be following you. I congratulate you and thank you for your great knowledge.

You were right about Obama. Well done!

B. K.

Wow.Hats off to you and your brilliant analysis.
J. D.

Hello Singh!

Just wanted to send a thank you note. You've helped save my sanity! I've been such a nervous wreck about the election and pray that the right candidate will win this election. It has been comforting reading your prediction for these last 3 weeks. What you've predicted so far is spot on and I pray to God that the rest of what you say comes to pass. Looking forward to you completing my Astrology chart soon.
T. R.

I have cried tears of joy and relief. I am so happy it's finally over. Thank you for your uncanny insight; it helped so much. Will be in touch for a reading. God bless...
T. R.

Dear Gurmeet, I am watching your prediction on US2012 Presidential Election very closely.Your prediction is amazing.Congratulation for this win of Vedic Astrology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Of Course, of Krishnamurthy Paddati We were born on the same date but different.You also made predictions on my chart 2005.
P. S.

Hello Mr.Gurmeet Singh,

How are you doing? I've been following your predictions about Barack Obama for the last couple of years. Your prediction of Biden being replaced by Ms.Clinton, almost came true! I wish it happened. Anyway, I'm getting worried about Romney's rise in polls after the recent debate. Do you still stick with your prediction that Obama is going to win this election? I'm getting nervous about his chances!Thanks for your update!
N. S.

Hi, I have been following your analysis on 2012 US Election closely. It was very good and accurate.Would you mind doing that for Hillary Clinton in 2016? I know there is some confusion as to whether she was born 8pm or 8am. Thank you!!!!

S. P.

I am quite impressed with the predictive abilities of your astrology. The article on the 2012 presidential elections is amazing, and the one about 2016 is fascinating as well. There are really only three democrats with enough national presence to be the nominees, as seen from today. Hillary, Biden, and Gore.
A rather strange cycle is coming back, with Jeb Bush talking about running for the republicans. Climate change is again becoming an important topic.If Hillary does not run, do you think it will be Gore? If we saw Gore vs. Bush again, it would be a fascinating 


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