Caitlyn Jenner Astrology Chart Analysis 
caitlyn jenner astrology
Caitlyn Jenner Astrology Chart Analysis
As you know the Gold Medal Winning Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner is transitioning to being a woman. Caitlyn came out in a television interview as a trans woman. Caitlyn Jenner was born on October 28th, 1949 at 6:16 AM in Mount Kisco, New York.
Finding Transgender or Gay/Lesbian tendencies in the astrology charts is always very challenging for the students of astrology. You see Astrologers using planets positioned in masculine or feminine astrology signs in the astrology charts of the individuals to predict such tendencies. On the flip side some astrologers blame Mercury and ketu conjunction or Mercury and Rahu conjunction in the astrology chart for such tendencies. In my book on Relationship Compatibility Astrology, there is a separate chapter dedicated to this subject with case studies that astrology students may find interesting and can also learn astrology techniques to find out such tendencies in the astrology charts of their clients.
The 5th house and the 7th house in any astrology chart, defines a person’s sexuality or their sexual preferences and their sex life. A careful analysis of the 5th house lord and the 7th house lord using the nakshatras in Vedic Astrology/KP System will give you clue to the Transgender or Gay/Lesbian tendencies in the astrology chart of the individual. According to Vedic Astrology, Caitlyn Jenner is a Libra Ascendant with ascendant at 9 degrees 44 minutes in Libra sign ruled by Venus. For Libra ascendant the 11th house ruled by Sun is the Badhaka house. The Lord of 5th house is Saturn and the Lord of 7th house is Mars in Caitlyn Jenner’s astrology chart. Saturn and Mars are the two planets that define the sexuality and sexual preferences in Caitlyn Jenner’s astrology chart. Both these planets at the time of birth are in Leo sign ruled by Badhaka planet Sun, the ruler of the 11th house. Sun is positioned in the ascendant in Libra sign, in the Caitlyn Jenner’s astrology chart, is influencing her mind, that she should become a woman. Since Moon at the time of Caitlyn’s birth was in Uttarashadha nakshatra ruled by badhaka planet Sun, so Caitlyn was born in Badhaka planet Sun’s mahadasha at the time of her birth. The badhaka planet Sun’s influence on the 5th house lord Saturn and 7th house lord Mars, as both these planets are in Leo sign at the time of birth is responsible for the Transgender tendencies in the Caitlyn’s astrology chart. This behavior is now manifesting in her life while Caitlyn is going through 5th house lord Saturn’s mahadasha in her life.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
June 1st, 2015

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