Michael Jackson Astrology Chart Analysis 
Michael Jackson Astrology
There are at least 7 or 8 different birth times used by different Astrologers to analyze Michael Jackson’s vedic astrology chart. I have checked the accuracy of all birth times using the Ruling Planets concept in KP System, and was able to rectify his birth time to 11:55 PM August 29th, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Michael’s ascendant falls in Gemini sign at 8 degrees 36 minutes in Mercury sign Rahu’s nakshatra. I, being a vedic astrologer have used KP ayanamsha as opposed to Lahiri Ayanamsha used by most Vedic astrologers to prepare Michael’s astrology chart. The difference between the two is about 6 minutes.
                       First I would like to discuss the Ascendant lord or the lagna lord in Michael’s chart. If the lagna lord in Vedic Astrology chart is strong the person achieves a very high level of success. Planet Mercury rules Michael’s ascendant, and Mercury also rules his 2nd house of money and his 5th house which represents Entertainment, Music Drama etc , and Mercury is in 3rd house in his chart. The second house cusp stays in Gemini instead of Cancer sign because Michael’s ascendant is in the beginning of Gemini, and his 5th house cusp stays in Virgo instead of Libra because of same reason. The system I am using uses Placidus House System. This system uses Cusps that is house beginnings like Western System, as opposed to Vedic System which uses House Centers i.e., Bhav Madhyas. Each house may not be 30 degrees, some houses could be less that 30 degrees and some more than 30 degrees, a particular sign may intercept cusps of more than one house, and may own two or three houses in the Zodiac. Mercury is in the constellation (Nakshatra) of Ketu in 11th house, and Ketu being in Mars sign Aries represent Mars, the ruler of 6th house in 11th house. So the lagna lord Mercury, the ruler of 1st, 2nd and 5th house in third house has a very strong connection with 11th house of gains and 6th house of health problems. The lagna lord’s 6th house connection is very good for financial gains as 6th house is 12th to 7th house, so it brings loss to the competitors, and gains to the native, but lagna lord’s connection with 6th house is bad for health matters. Ketu the constellation lord of Michael’s ascendant lord Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter from his 5th house. Jupiter for Gemini lagna is both Badhaka (planet of obstruction) and Maraka (death inflicting) planet as Jupiter rules his 7th house. So the lagna lord Mercury also has strong connection with Badhaka and Maraka planet Jupiter, as Jupiter from 5th house aspects Ketu in his 11th house, the constellation lord of Mercury. This explains Michael’s inability to make money at certain periods in his life, which we will discuss later in this analysis. Rahu and Ketu give results of the planets that are in conjunction with them and aspect them as well.
                          Michael Jackson was in Jupiter’s Mahadasha until May 1969. Jupiter rules Badhaka, Maraka, and 8th houses in his chart. This explains his difficulties in early childhood, and the success, name and fame did not come during Jupiter’s period until May 1969.Saturn in Michael’s case rules the 9th house of Fortune and 10th house of Career, and Saturn is in Mercury’s nakshatra the ruler of 1st house, 2nd house, and 5th house and Rahu’s sub in 5th house. So during Saturn’s Mahadasha from May 1969 to May 1988, Saturn gave very good results. The ruler of 10th house (Career) Saturn is in the nakshatra of 5th house (Entertainment, music) lord mercury, so his career is related to Entertainment, Music, and Mercury also rules 2nd house of money so Saturn gave him good money as well. So Career, Money, Name and Fame came during Saturn’s mahadasha.
                        Michael Jackson’s hair catches on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial on Jan 27, 1984 during Saturn Mahadasha Rahu Bhukti and Saturn Anthara. Rahu is a strong significator of 12th house being in Venus sign. At the time of accident Saturn was transiting Badhaka and Maraka Planet Jupiter’s nakshatra, Rahu was in his 12th house in Venus’s sign, and Moon’s nakshatra. Moon being in Jupiter’s nakshatra in his natal chart is also evil. Sun was transiting in Capricorn, the mahadasha lord Saturn’s sign. Sun determines the month when a particular event happens in our lives. Jackson’s ‘The Invincible’ album was released in Oct 2001, and flops during Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Bhukti and Venus Anthara which operated from June 2001 to Nov 2001. Jupiter is the strong significator of Badhaka, Maraka, and 8th house. Venus is the strong significator of 12th house. The significators of 8th and 12th houses when they operate together through dasha, bhukti, and anthara brings loss and failure.
                                Jupiter the ruler of the 7th house in Michael’s case is the Badhaka and Maraka planet as explained earlier and Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu and aspects Ketu. Also Jupiter the ruler of 7th house is in the nakshatra of 6th house lord Mars and Mars is in the 11th house. This is not good for conjugal happiness. The person will have unusual sex life as the ruler of 7th house is with rahu and ketu and in the nakshatra of 6th house lord mars. His marriages were marriages of convenience, which were speculated to have been entered into in order to repair his image and give him children. Rahu in Michael’s case is in Libra sign in 5th house, and Rahu strongly represents Venus as it is in Venus sign the ruler of 12th house in 2nd house of money. So the 5th house (house of Kids) has a very strong connection with 12th house of loss, this explains Michael’s problems and loosing money through his association with kids. Michael was running Mercury mahadasha Venus Bhukti (12th house lord, house of loss) when on Jan 25th 1994, he settled the civil lawsuit paying an undisclosed amount to his accuser.
Jackson faces charges of child molestation again on Dec 18th, 2003 during Mercury Mahadasha, Saturn Bhukti, and Venus Anthara period which operated from August 2003 to Jan 2004. Saturn was transiting evil Rahu’s nakshatra.  Jupiter, Rahu, and lagna lord mercury were transiting 12th lord Venus’s nakshatras, a very evil time. Jackson posts $3 million in bail and throws up the sign, while standing on a black Suburban, before leaving the court house in Santa Maria. Jackson’s arraignment on the charges was scheduled for January 9, 2004 at 8:30 AM at Santa Barbara Superior Court. Without a music contract for the first time in 35 years, Jackson faces mounting financial woes with escalating legal costs and dismal record sales. Venus connects 5th house of kids with 12th house of loss, as rahu in 5th house is in Libra in Venus’s sign, gave him trouble and loss of money through kids. In 2004 Saturn the Bhukti lord was transiting in Gemini, in evil rahu and Badhaka planet Jupiter’s Nakshatras, right on Jackson’s ascendant. Trial finally gets under way during Mercury Mahadasha, Saturn Bhukti, and Jupiter Anthara period. Jackson cleared of all charges on June 13 2005, at the beginning of Ketu Mahadasha.
Death happens when the native is going through the Mahadasha and Bhukti of the significators of Badhaka, and Maraka (2nd, 7th house, 12th house) houses. In Michael’s case Jupiter is both Badhaka and Maraka planet, as he is Gemini ascendant. Jupiter is in conjunction with rahu and aspects ketu. So Node will deliver the malefic results of Badhaka planet Jupiter. Michael entered Ketu mahadasha in April 2005. Numerous efforts at a comeback fail to materialize, and Jackson abandons Neverland, his California theme-park home. In Ketu Mahadasha, Jupiter Bhukti was from April 2009 to March 2010. So this was the period when he was supposed to die as both Mahadasha lord Ketu and Bhukti lord Jupiter are the significators of Badhaka and Maraka houses, and Ketu during his mahadasha will deliver the evil results in Jupiter’s Bhukti as Ketu is aspected by evil Jupiter. Ketu rules drugs. This indicates that death happened due to excessive use of drugs. Jupiter became retrograde on June 16, 2009. Jupiter the Badhaka and Maraka planet was aspecting natal Mercury the ascendant ruler in Michael’s chart. Transit Saturn from Leo was aspecting transit Mercury in Taurus at same degree. Mercury the ascendant ruler was transiting his 12th house Taurus sign in badhaka Moon’s nakshatra. Both rahu and Ketu were in Ketu’s sub in the Zodiac, the mahadasha lord. Michael was in Ketu/Jupiter/Saturn period at the time of his death. So ketu, Jupiter, Saturn are the planets that are responsible for his death. The person who is responsible for his death will have Jupiter, Ketu, and Saturn as his or her ruling planets. These three planets will determine the ascendant of that person according to the KP System Astrology.

Lagna                        8 Ge 36' 22.87 Ardr
Sun                            13 Le 10' 47.42 Magh
Moon                        24 Aq 26' 15.34 PBha
Mars                          28 Ar 57' 13.72 Krit
Mercury (R)            2 Le 08' 00.50 Magh
Jupiter                     5 Li 23' 46.65 Chit
Venus                       24 Cn 10' 15.69 Asre
Saturn ;                   25 Sc 56' 32.10 Jye
Rahu                         1 Li 25' 26.85 Chit
Ketu                          1 Ar 25' 26.85 Aswi

House             Cusp                         Middle                       End                             Planets in it
1st                    8 Ge 36' 22.87       18 Ge 25' 07.39      28 Ge 13' 51.90
2nd                  28 Ge 13' 51.90     8 Cn 36' 20.01        18 Cn 58' 48.12
3rd                   18 Cn 58' 48.12     1 Le 43' 13.22         14 Le 27' 38.32        Su, Me, Ve
4th                   14 Le 27' 38.32      1 Vi 27' 11.23          18 Vi 26' 44.14
5th                   18 Vi 26' 44.14       9 Li 17' 05.69           0 Sc 07' 27.24         Ju, Ra
6th                   0 Sc 07' 27.24        19 Sc 21' 55.06        8 Sg 36' 22.87         Sa
7th                   8 Sg 36' 22.87        18 Sg 25' 07.39      28 Sg 13' 51.90
8th                  28 Sg 13' 51.90       8 Cp 36' 20.01       18 Cp 58' 48.12
9th                  18 Cp 58' 48.12      1 Aq 43' 13.22        14 Aq 27' 38.32
10th                14 Aq 27' 38.32      1 Pi 27' 11.23         18 Pi 26' 44.14           Mo
11th                18 Pi 26' 44.14       9 Ar 17' 05.69         0 Ta 07' 27.24            Ma, Ke
12th                0 Ta 07' 27.24        19 Ta 21' 55.06       8 Ge 36' 22.87

Vimsottari Dasa:
Jup MD: 1953-04-29 - 1969-04-29
Sat MD: 1969-04-29 - 1988-04-29
Merc MD: 1988-04-29 - 2005-04-29
Ket MD: 2005-04-29 - 2012-04-29
Antardasas in this MD: Ket - Jup: 2009-04-17 - 2010-03-24 DEATH

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