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Sanjay Dutt Astrology Predictions
Sanjay Dutt (born 29 July 1959, 14:51 PM, Mumbai India) is an Indian film actor and producer who is in the news as the Supreme Court upheld Dutt’s five-year sentence, 18 months of which he already spent in Jail. According to Vedic Astrology Sanjay Dutt is a Scorpio ascendant. The ruling planet Mars rules 1st house and 6th house and is well placed in 10th house in the constellation of Ketu in 5th house and Ketu is in 2nd and 5th house Lord Jupiter’s sign, has given him the celebrity status. As we have seen Sanjay Dutt has gone to Prison quite a few times between 1993 and 1997, then again in 2006 / 2007. Now again Dutt is back in Prison. According to Vedic Astrology a person can go to prison when they are going through the Mahadasha / Bhukti of planets connected with 3rd house (leaving one’s home), 8th house (punishment and fine), 12th house (confinement, general loss) and Badhaka Planet (suffering and torture).
In Sanjay Dutt’s case, Rahu is the worst planet in his astrology chart, although Rahu is in the 11th house. Rahu is in the 8th house lord Mercury’s sign, it is aspected by the 3rd house lord Saturn, and it is in the nakshatra of Badhaka planet Moon in the astrology chart and moon is located in the 6th house in the astrology chart. So Rahu has a strong connection with the 3rd house, 8th house, and badhaka house at same time. Venus rules the 12th house of confinement, 7th house of marriage and is in its own nakshatra in 10th house. Venus bhukti in Rahu mahadasha was operating in 1993, 1994 when Dutt went to prison first time. Moon is another badhaka planet in the astrology chart as it rules 9th house. In Rahu / Moon period (Sept 1995 to March1997) Dutt was re-arrested again in December 1995. He was again released and bailed in April 1997.
Jupiter Mahadasha started in March 1998 was a good time for money, love, and entertainment career. But Jupiter also has connection with 12th house as Jupiter is in its own nakshatra in 12th house. As I mentioned before that Venus and Rahu are worst planets in Dutt’s astrology chart. So again Dutt spent time in prison during Jupiter mahadasha and Venus period in 2007.
                     At present Sanjay Dutt is in Jupiter mahadasha / Rahu bhukti until end of March 2014. The evil Rahu is responsible for taking Dutt to prison again as Rahu is transiting 12th house of confinement, in Libra sign in the Dutt’s astrology chart. The 4th house of residence lord Saturn is also transiting 12th house of confinement Libra sign in evil Rahu’s Swati nakshatra, and Saturn is in conjunction with Rahu as they both are transiting the same 12th house and same sign Libra. My prediction is that Sanjay Dutt will remain in Prison while he is going through Rahu Bhukti in Jupiter Mahadasha until March 2014. There will be threats to his life during this time. But Dutt will not be in prison for next 3 and half years. Dutt will be release from Prison the moment he will enter Saturn Mahadasha in March / April 2014, and at that time Saturn will be transiting Vishaka Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, and transit Jupiter from Gemini will be aspecting both transit Saturn in Libra and natal Saturn in Sagittarius. 2014 will be a good year for Sanjay Dutt while Saturn is transiting the Vishaka nakshatra ruled by Jupiter in the last 10 degrees in Libra sign and first 3 degrees and 20 minutes in Scorpio sign. This will be a good period in entertainment career and personal life. After November 2014 Saturn will enter Scorpio and will transiting the Ascendant. This will be again a difficult period from July 2015 to Jan 2017 as Saturn will be transiting the ascendant sign Scorpio and aspecting both the natal Mars (lagna lord) and the natal Venus (7th house lord) in 10th house in Leo sign.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
May 21, 2013

Sanjay Dutt is in Jupiter mahadasha Rahu Bhukti and Mars anthara until March 28th, 2014. Rahu is the most evil planet in the astrology chart. Rahu transiting the 12th house in Libra sign took Sanjay Dutt to prison. In the end of Feb and March this year the lagna lord Mars was with Rahu in Libra sign, is not a good time. But the mahadasha is changing soon to Saturn Mahadasha on March 28th, if the birth time is pretty accurate. There is a chance that Sanjay Dutt will be pardoned / released in April/ May this year or Sept / Oct this year. Since mahadasha lord Saturn will be retrograde until July 20th this year and there will be a Saturn / Mars conjunction in August this year. The time from Sept this year to June 2015 is a very good period for Sanjay Dutt, as transit Jupiter from Cancer sign will be aspecting the mahadasha lord Saturn in Scorpio. The lagna lord Mars will also transit Scorpio in Sept/Oct this year, will come under the direct aspect of transit Jupiter from Cancer sign. These are his best periods this year, and next year, 2015. Year 2015 after July 2015 will be a difficult time again for Sanjay Dutt as Saturn will be transiting Scorpio sign and it will be aspecting the natal Mars and natal Venus in Leo sign. Also Saturn’s transit over the ascendant is always very stressful.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
March 26, 2014

I had mentioned previously that April/May this year, are good months for Sanjay Dutt. In a breather for Sanjay Dutt, the Bombay High Court has revoked the attachment of his flat in suburban Bandra. The flat had been attached following the decision of IMPPA in his dispute with film-maker Shakeel Noorani.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
April 16, 2014

I have been contacted by many people regarding Sanjay Dutt’s release from prison. I have again analyzed Sanjay Dutt’s astrology chart very deeply. As I mentioned before Sanjay Dutt has already entered Saturn mahadasha back in April this year, and is going through Saturn mahadasha Saturn Bhukti Venus anthara until end of October this year. At present Mahadasha and Bhukti lord Saturn is retrograde and transiting the 12th house in Libra sign and the anthara of 12th house lord Venus is going on until the end of October. The coming months especially July and August will be very difficult months for Sanjay Dutt because of Rahu / Mars conjunction in July and then the ascendant lord Mars transiting Libra sign in his 12th house in conjunction with Saturn in August. Sanjay Dutt’s time should improve first week of September onwards when ascendant lord Mars enters Scorpio sign and receives aspect from Jupiter in Cancer sign. But still Sanjay Dutt may have to wait until end of October when the 12th house lord Venus anthara will be over, and Mahadasha lord Saturn enters Scorpio sign on November 2nd this year, and receives aspect from transit Jupiter in Cancer sign. So I would say according to his astrology chart Dutt should be released from prison in end of Oct or early November this year. This is my final thought. Rest all depends on the accuracy of his birth time.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
June 23, 2014

Sanjay Dutt should try for his release between Nov 2 this year and end Feb 2015. This is his favorable period for release. If he misses this opportunity then Dutt may end up completing his full prison term, because Saturn’s transit over his Scorpio lagna will be very painful in Saturn mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti. Saturn from Scorpio will be aspecting his ascendant lord Mars and 7th house lord Venus’s natal positions in Leo sign in 2015 and 2016. I am hoping some good news for Dutt in the month of November this year.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
September 22, 2014

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