Saturn and Mars Conjunction 2014 
Saturn and Mars conjunction in August 2014
A very challenging month indeed, the conjunction of Saturn and Mars is occurring on August 25th, 2014 in the Vishaka nakshatra ruled by Jupiter in the Libra sign ruled by Venus. Mars stays in each sign for approximately 45 days, and the conjunction between Saturn and Mars occurs every 2 years. This is an important event in Vedic Astrology. A conjunction involves a significant involvement of the energies of both planets on us. The magnitude and intensity of these effects will differ relative to a nation or individual’s chart. Mars is a planet of energy, aggressiveness, anger, conflicts, dispute and agitation. Whereas Saturn is the planet of suffering, trouble, delays, obstacles and obstructions.Transit Mars will be in exact conjunction with transit Saturn on August 25th morning. The conjunction will take place at 23 degrees 41 minutes in Libra sign. The intense effect of this conjunction will be felt for about two weeks, from August 18th to September 1st. Saturn and Mars conjunction causes lot of difficulties. This is a time of frustration. One may find that they are working hard without getting any benefits. One may have relationship problems, job problems, health problems, financial problems, business problems depending upon what Mars and Saturn rule in their 
natal astrology chart, and what nakshatras they occupy in their astrology chart. Frequently one may be in a situation where they are angry, but have to suppress their anger. Suffering in silence is one of the key phrases for you to survive this difficult and challenging time.
The Rahu and Mars conjunction last month, as predicted was very challenging for lot of people. We witnessed couple of plane crashes, escalation of war between Israel and Palestinians. Rahu and Mars conjunction caused many accidents, many marriages ended in July due to Rahu and Mars conjunction. This challenging time will spill over into the month of August due to Saturn and Mars conjunction taking place later this month. Many people are already feeling the effect of Saturn and Mars conjunction at this moment as Mars is already in Libra sign but still about 10 to 12 degrees behind Saturn. The Saturn and Mars conjunction analysis is very important if you are going through Saturn or Mars mahadasha or bhukti or anthara in your natal astrology chart or if you have natal planets in Libra, Aries, Cancer or Sagittarius signs. Mr. Singh will include your complete Saturn and Mars conjunction analysis in your 60 minutes Varshaphala (Yearly) reading session for next 12 months, or you can also schedule a special 30 minutes consultation to understand how Saturn and Mars conjunction will impact your lives during their conjunction in Libra sign in the month of August. Learn more to schedule your astrology reading with Mr. Singh.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
July 30th, 2014

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