November 2017 Planetary Transits
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November 2017 News from the Stars
Jupiter’s transit through Swati nakshatra in Libra sign, until December 15th is not good in the United States astrology chart. United States is in Rahu mahadasha and Rahu’s transit though Aslesha nakshatras ruled by badhaka lord Mercury in Cancer sign, until April 28, 2018 is a difficult transit, that is why we are witnessing so many shooting incidents, one just happened this morning in Texas. The traditional vedic astrologers keep talking about Saturn being in Gandanta degree this month, to scare people, which is absurd according to KP Astrology. I have seen astrology charts where Saturn in gandanta degree has given excellent results to native during Saturn mahadasha.
Saturn is transiting moola nakshatra ruled by Ketu in Sagittarius sign this month. Mars is transiting Hastha nakshatra ruled by Moon in Virgo sign until November 18th. Mars will transit Chitra nakshatra ruled by Mars in Virgo and Libra signs from November 18 to December 10, 2017. Mars will enter Libra sign on November 29th. Ketu is transiting Dhanishta nakshatra ruled by Mars in Capricorn sign this month.  
Mercury transits Anuradha nakshatra ruled by Saturn in Scorpio sign from November 3 to November 13, 2017. Mercury transits Jyeshtha nakshatra ruled by Mercury in Scorpio signs from November 13 to November 23, 2017. Mercury will go retrograde at 5 degrees in Sagittarius sign on Dec 3, 2017 Venus will transit Chitra nakshatra ruled by Mars in Virgo and Libra signs from October 28 to Nov 7, 2017. Venus will transit Swati nakshatra ruled by Rahu in Libra sign from Nov 7 to Nov 18, 2017. Venus will transit Vishakha nakshatra ruled by Jupiter in Libra and Scorpio signs from Nov 18 to Nov 28, 2017. Sun is transiting Libra sign until November 15th, next Scorpio sign during last two weeks of November.

Please contact Mr. Singh for astrology reading if you would like to know how these transits will impact your lives in relation to your natal astrology chart and the mahadashas, Bhuktis that are operational in your astrology chart.

Gurmeet Singh
November 5, 2017

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